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Union is the capital city of what is commonly referred to as the East, the seat of civilization and end of the wilds. Even so, monsters are still present and a danger to all citizens of the East.

The city sits on an island in the middle of a great lake that is only accessible via boat, sky ship, or teleportation. While traveling overland, one can easily make 24 miles in an 8 hour day. In Union, however, one may be hard pressed to make it half way across the city in a day's time.

Ruler of Union

The City of Union is ruled over by The Archduke since there are no more Kingbloods known in existence.

The Districts

While the entire city answers to The Archduke and her word is law, the districts are mostly kept in check and ruled over by individual factions and lords, all of whom, pay homage and allegiance to The Archduke, for now.

Laws and Regulations

Please see above for the laws and regulations that are more unique to Union in addition to the 'usual' laws within a city (i.e. murder, thieving, assault, etc.)


While Inns still exist in Union, there are far more Flophouses that charge very little to City-dwellers who were traveling through the city when night fell. These houses are generally not well maintained and do not serve food or drink. They are hideouts for bandits and thieves and usually found down darker alleys.


The rich and business savvy use "Milo's Messengers", a group of druid trained individuals who use animal messengers to relay information. The animals are protected by the Archduke and anyone caught 'tampering' with them will be prosecuted to the full extent.

Known Organizations

There are several "known" organizations that operate in the city and more that dwell in the underbelly. The known ones are as follows: The Dagnir (monster hunters), The Guruthos (Holy Assassins), The White Legion (mercenary contractors), The Blade Sworn (Soldiers of the Archduke), and more.

Attitudes from the Common Folk

Not everyone is treated the same in Union, unfortunately. And sometimes, that treatment is derived from what you are. See the link above for the general attitudes towards the "classes" from the common folk.

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