S1E1: Welcome to Union

Murder in the Apiary

Our story begins as many do, in a tavern in one of the poor sides of town. The Wandering Gnome tavern was home to an older dragonborn named Azura; a former soldier and intelligence officer but now a liaison between contractors and mercenaries. Always looking for new contacts, Azura reached out to a newly formed group. Our heroes arrived at the Wandering Gnome tavern around mid-day, seeking out Azura who had sent them a message informing them he had work.

The conversation was quick and to the point: young people have been kidnapped and later found murdered all across the Apiary. Not only murdered but their bodies were desecrated as well. Azura believed that Malissa Woodsmith, a local girl who disappeared only two days ago, is the latest in the serial killer's path. The contract explicitly stated that the Blade Sworn would only pay if the culprit was captured alive. 

Zeruda, the burly half-orc assassin, sought out the help of her contact, Tim, in the tavern "The Lovely Duckling." Tim informed Zeruda that he would certainly keep an ear to the ground and send a message if he discovered anything. Athelstan, a moon elf blood hunter, headed to the local morgue to investigate the bodies of the others killed. He discovered that they were killed by a single puncture wound to the heart; the rest was done after death. Hope and Lyra headed to the local inquisition offices to discuss enlisting their help. Unfortunately, they were "too busy" and waved them away. Muse and Theristis trailed Malissa's last known whereabouts to a small tavern in the southern part of the Apiary where they met Finn, the last known person to see Malissa before her disappearance. Finn directed them to Malissa's home where they found not only the grieving mother, but also an assassin attempting to take the mother's life.

The duo gave pursuit and quickly apprehended the assailant, sending a message to the others about what they found. After meeting the rest of the heroes at a derelict building, far from the prying eyes of the law, they set about interrogating the assassin. They discovered that Phil worked for the Whitestone estate in the Spiral Rise and was contacted to do the job through various dead-drops. Deciding that they could get no more information out of Phil, they bound him and took him towards the local guard house for delivery. However, they quickly discovered that they were being followed and rushed to give chase. 

While Muse took down two of them with a well placed Sleep spell, Theristis and Athelstan ran after the one who attempted to flee. The chase was long and unfortunately resulted in Theristis wounding a passerby. After our heroes regrouped, Lyra put her investigative skills to use and quickly deduced that the two had been spending a lot of time in the warehouse area of the Apiary.

Once they arrived, they discovered that many of the doors were locked and boarded up tight during the night, except for one. Binding their captives, and leaving Ragnar to 'watch' them, they headed inside and managed to get the drop on the two thugs and a dark ritual being cast on none other than Malissa Woodsmith. The fight was quickly but almost saw another death of an innocent person in the Apiary. The ritual caster revealed himself to be Lord Bartholomew Whitestone, the last heir to the Whitestone Estate. He gave in without a word or a fight. Our heroes delivered Whitestone to the Inquisition who patiently waited to hand him over to the Blade Sworn. 

PAYMENT: 2 gp per person; +1 reputation with Azura


looks good, but it’s The Lovely Duckling

S1E1: Welcome to Union

yeah, couldnt read my own handwitting..

S1E1: Welcome to Union

adds 2 gp to my inventory

S1E1: Welcome to Union
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