S1E9: The Master of Portals

How to effectively wreck a wizard's day

Leaving the Dagnir compound, our heroes headed to the Inquisition Headquarters in the Flower Bed. Once there, they were promptly impeded by the bureaucracy of the system and scheduled an appointment in two days. Seeing nothing more to be done at the headquarters, our heroes headed towards the Library Eternal for potentially more information. Their plans were hindered when yet another small gateway opened, unleashing an owlbear and several worgs against the heroes.

After the threat was quickly dealt with, they continued on their way and made a pit stop at Lyra’s guild hall, meeting with her master, Valerian. The overjoyed wizard welcomed the heroes into his home and told them what he could about the Blood-Rose petal they found at the second portal, a rare ingredient in portal making. Valerian only recalled one individual in Union who had access to such ingredients (most others would have to deal with overpriced black market dealers or collect it themselves). He then directed them towards Torrin the Red, a Loremaster in the Library Eternal.

The Library Torrin worked in was rather boring and as our heroes entered, they discovered Torrin in conversation with a tiefling in spiked armor and a female human. The tiefling was apparently discouraged that Torrin had yet to find a gardening book for a friend of his. The two ventured out from the library empty handed and passed a smile at the group. Our heroes inquired about the Blood Rose as well as anyone looking to obtain them. After a few words, Torrin relented and told them the information they needed. An elf bought some of the Blood Rose off him and inquired about books pertaining to magical travel beyond the known planes of existence. Torrin refused the elf and he went on his way to the address provided by the book-keeper.

Our heroes went as far as they could during the remaining portion of the day and slept at a respected inn. During the night, Theristis was greeted by Swiftmark once more as he asked how his assignment was going. Theristis told the assassin that he was currently engaged in another job and would deal with the pit-fighter as soon as he was finished. This satisfied Swiftmark who let the drow get some sleep. The following day found our heroes finishing their journey to the Spiral Rise where the address was as well as some shopping. Tristin, realizing he had a meeting to attend, hurriedly rushed to the Artist’s Quarters with Shimmer to meet Granny Sam. The old crone was less than excited at Tristin’s request for a Glamour as she only desired to help those who needed it, not those socially accepted in society. However, Tristin ‘won’ her over and she agreed to give the Halfling a Glamour as she smiled sadistically.

Once all of our heroes were back together again, they pushed on the next morning to the address they had. The tower was surprisingly smaller than they would think. While half knocked on the door, Athelstan, Tristin, and Jackson headed to the top level. Beetlejuice was sent as a go between for the two groups and gave the signal when a battle was occurring. Down at the door, our heroes encountered the worst of foes: an idiot. But not just any idiot, a half-ogre of great strength and size. They attempted to treat with him, bargain with him, threaten him but all seemed to bounce off his inferior intellect until Shimmer managed to spot Sidell attempting to flee down the stairs to the lower half of the tower. A battle ensued with Sidell turning invisible and managed to detonate a fireball spell in close proximity to the heroes, almost killing Lyra and Theristis in the process. The battle ended quickly, however, when Tristin flung himself down from the upper levels, knocking the wizard to the ground long enough for Shimmer to lock on the dimensional shackles and beat him unconscious. With the war criminal now in hand, they could head back to Queen Ekino for their reward but headed downstairs to see if the wizard had anything of real value in his laboratory…


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